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This Workshop Will Benefits You With…

Fall in love with yourself

Build more Confidence

Lose Unwanted Fat

Sleep Better

Put a full stop to Medicines

Overcome Cravings

Amazing Health Secrets That Can Transform Your Life Forever

If you are someone who is tired of living life with low level of energy, taking medicine daily, trying to lose weight, Trying every possible diet and exercise, without any visible results;.

If You are Really frustrated with the health challenges that is taking over your life, Then you are not alone

  • According to the National family health survey, India’s obesity has doubled in the last 10 years
  • India has become the diabetes capital of the world
  • Lifestyle disorders like Hypertension or Cancer are some of the rapidly growing diseases in the country

We are going from one health crisis to another, In this time of extreme health crisis India is facing, Shivangi Desai is fighting against the crisis with her Fit Bharat mission. By providing accurate information about how to live life full of energy, without any medicine.

This Program Will Help You

  • To have more energy Look younger
  • To have great immunity to protect you against disease
  • To lose weight in a healthy way & keep it off With that all developing a healthy relation with food and exercise

The “Health Mastery” workshop is a unique, powerful program to become fitter, younger, lose weight and reverse your diseases and reach your peak health. It is a recorded program which is accessible for 1 year on our “Life Gurukul” application which you can download from the play store or app store.

This course is not a new diet or doesn’t give you a strict exercise or lifestyle plans, it’s a habit-driven solution for overall well-being. If you can build healthier eating and movement habits, you will naturally start healing. It’s not only immensely effective, but it’s also more accessible and enjoyable.

No Previous Knowledge or experience needed

What Will You Get

Recorded Workshop

Bonus Material

21 Day Actionable Plan

Downloadable Beginner & Advance Level Home Workout Videos

6 Months Validity



The Secret to Form Healthy Habits & Stay Consistent


 What to eat & avoid to reverse diseases & fat loss (AAM formula + magic morning formula)


Magic Plate for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Science of Losing Fat (stubborn & belly fat too)


Say good bye to Fatigue Forever


Balancing Blood Sugar & Overcoming Insulin Resistance


Overcoming Stress & Mastering Emotional & Mental Health


Balancing all 6 pillars of health easily


13 Mini Habits for everlasting fitness

Here Are Some Bonuses For You

BONUS – 1 

Kitchen Replacements


 7 – Step Process To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind


 Making Your Own Meal Plan

BONUS – 4 

Healthy & Easy Snack Options


21 – Day Action Plan


50+ Healthy & Tasty Recipes


Bonus Reading Material


Downloadable Home-Workout Videos (Basic & Advance)

Success Story Of Our Participants

Real Transformation of Real People…

I was suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle and also weight loss. I had to rely on medicine for it and even though I used to exercise but was only able to reduce 2 kgs in 2 years. After attending the workshop, I got to know about the food habits that I didn’t know for weight loss. After my 12th session with Shivangi Mam, I was able to achieve my weight loss target and the stress related to it from mind completely. 


I was suffering from vertigo pain, low energy, and had pimples and dark spots on face. After the workshop, the guidance provided by Shivangi Mam has really transformed my life. Earlier I used to fall sick every 15 days but I have said goodbye to sickness and medicine by following all the instructions of Mam. I have built the strength to do 7 pushups in one go and also stress is virtually nonexistent in my life. The workshop is not only about weight loss but also about taking health and wellbeing to next level.


I reduced 3 kg in just 3 weeks. Without any extraordinary measures related to diet or exercise, I understood the science behind weight loss and developed glowing skin and incredible energy that even my family started to notice. I have started eating potato and rice after ages and started enjoying my favorite foods. I feel more connected to myself and started making conscious choices about food and life. 


After 3 months of learning about health and fitness with Shivangi Desai, I have built endurance to run 2kms without stop and hold the plank for 2 minutes. Shivangi really helped in resolving stress from life and my family members noticed the difference in my energy level and overall well-being.


Severe sneezing problem cured. I used to suffer from a genetic sneezing problem since 2014 (7 years). Every 2-3 days, 6-7 continuous sneezes every 15-20 minutes. My sneezing problem had caused shoulder, neck and lower back stiffness on the right side, which is cured 100% on lower back and around 90% on neck and right shoulder. I lost almost 3.5 kgs during the BYOD month. I can run/jog up to 4.5 Kms without break. My hair quality and skin quality has improved drastically, I used to have stomach acne issues which is now cured totally. My sleep quality has improved a lot, I automatically fall asleep on time and have been waking up before 6am regularly since Day 1 of the 21 day transformation challenge. 


This is the Best Health workshop ever I have attended. My TSH was 8 on 21st December 2020, on 24th February 2021 it is 2.31. My serum Ferritin was 5277 and now I have reduced it to 4431. I have also lost some belly fat. As a Thalassemia major warrior, I was having difficulty to stay energetic whole day. My stamina was not so good & I got tired easily. Now after this workshop ,I have applied mini habits in my life. My stamina has increased a lot. I am feeling energetic whole day. Because of weight training I can also feel my muscles are building and muscles are stronger now. 


“My thyroid level was 14.9 before the workshop. After following only 2 mini-habits given by Shivangi ma’am for 15 days, my thyroid level is now 7.2. I feel energetic throughout the day. My confidence and quality of sleep have greatly improved.”


When I Registered For The Course, I Said To My Mum That Idk If It Will Be Worth It. But Today, ‘Thank You’ Is A Very Small Word For The Knowledge You’ve Given To Us. You Came Like An Angel In My Life.




Who Is Shivangi Desai ?

Let us take you back to 2008 and share the story of a young, vibrant, multitalented and enthusiastic girl, who being the ranker in school made a brave and inspiring decision to choose a different career path to bring real transformation and lasting change in the people’s behaviour, habits, beliefs and their overall lives, which pulled her into the training and coaching field since then.

 In her young age, suffering from a genetic irreparable health challenge, thalassemia minor, she was declared by the doctors that no matter how hard she tries she’ll have to live her whole life with weak health and a long list of things ‘not to do’. 

With a strong intention to live a healthy and happy life, this warrior woman started working on herself and in no time, she incorporated in-depth knowledge about health and has now become India’s leading Certified Health, Nutrition & Life Coach; Certified advance supplement advisor; Award winner Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist; Zumba, Strong Nation, BollyX Instructor; Pranic Psychotherapist (World Pranic Healing Foundation, Philippines); Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA); and Reiki Healer (Holistic Healing Foundation, India) and the list of her learnings, studies and certifications goes endless.

The voice of a warrior inside her made her an epitome of embracing ‘impossible possible’.

 Taking you on her journey further, she has left people amazed by being the rare Indian women who is USPA B-licensed skydivers with over 65 skydiving jumps.

It is even beautiful to see the universe’s immense support in bringing and spreading such phenomenal personality like Shivangi Desai to the world through getting her invaluably inspiring story, recognised in World’s top magazines like Forbes, Femina and Daily hunt.

Even numerous media including the Economic Times, Times of India, Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, Ab Tak Channel, and Radio Mirchi has recognized the revolutionary mission she is onto.

Her clear focus & intention, directed efforts & dedication has given her the blissful time to share the stage with stupendous International speakers like Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Gaur Gopal Das & Sunil Tulsiani.

On top of that she has been awarded as an Industry Leader in the field of Lifestyle & Health Management by Economic Times and been chosen among top 10 inspiring people of Indian in 2022 by Outlook and India Today. Risen to victory, yet so purely grounded has made Shivangi Desai, THE SHIVANGI DESAI.

It’s The Time To Turn The Tables & Master Your Health

Shivangi Desai, with her power packed energy, will be there with you in this journey to transform your health like never before!

You Just Can’t Afford To Lose This Opportunity!


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