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How To Get Rid of Toxins From Your Body in Just 5 Days ...

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5 Days of DETOX Workshop

 Hey Friend,

Do you think wrinkled skin, low energy, and gaining fats are just a sign of ageing?

If you believe then that’s the biggest lie that you living with

And you’re not alone, approx 87% of working women believe the SAME myth.

But the reality is completely different than what YOU believe

We EAT Toxins every single day!!

DAY – 1 (Entry valid only for Diamond Ticket Holders) 1st Sept 2023 (Friday)  |  6.30 PM Onwards Sahara hotel Nehru Rd, opp. Domestic Airport, Navpada, Vile Parle Mumbai​ DAY – 2 (Entry valid for all the Ticket Holders) 2nd Sept 2023 (Saturday)  |  8 AM to 6 PM (Registrations/Entry start at 7 AM) Sardar Patel Stadium Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Lotus Colony, Worli, Mumbai DAY – 3 (Entry valid for only Gold, Diamond Lite & Diamond Ticket Holders) 3rd Sept 2023 (Sunday)  |  8 AM to 6 PM (Registrations/Entry start at 7 AM) Sahara hotel Nehru Rd, opp. Domestic Airport, Navpada, Vile Parle Mumbai​ Note: TOKEN TICKETS FOR DIAMOND LITE & TOKEN TICKETS FOR DIAMOND are not valid for entry to the summit. So, if you have purchased DIAMOND or DIAMOND Lite tickets by making a TOKEN payment, make sure you have completed the full payment in advance. All rights are exclusively reserved by Management to proactively prevent any nuisance. It is hereby strictly stated that any individual or group found under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be categorically denied access.


Due to High Demand, I am Offering Detox Plan for Old Price: ₹1490/-  (With Lifetime Validity)

But Only If You Join it in 30 Minutes

After 30 Minutes Same Course will Cost You ₹3999/-

After 30 Minutes, the Special OFFER will be gone.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your body and improve your overall well-being.

Invest in yourself and join the “5-Day Detox Workshop” today


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It is TRUE!!

If I say we live in a TOXIC world then I should not be wrong.

We actually live in a TOXIC world where our surrounding is nothing but just TRAFFIC, DUST, POLLUTION, and PROCESSED FOOD

According to a study the average person is exposed to more than 7,00,000 Toxic chemicals a day

From Perfumes and Cosmetics to Office Dust and Unhealthy but Tasty Food, we intake lots of TOXINS every single day

And, These all are just for the name

Our every consumed food was “Nutrient Deficient” and our water was “dangerously contaminated”

Our generation is highly EXPOSED to much-stronger chemicals than our grandparent’s generation And it has become a normal routine of our life

And These “Normal Routines” Makes our Body a House of DISEASES

As consumption hit a certain level, we start to experience certain problems in our body

  • Pimples
  • Digestion issues
  • Low energy
  • Fatigue and 
  • Gaining bad fat

All are symptoms that are mostly caused by eating unhealthy TOXIC-contained food.

Now you can say, these all are “curable diseases”.

…I totally agree with you but What about those life-threatening diseases?

I mean cancer, diabetes, heart problem, kidney failure, or some more

Somehow all these diseases take birth due to the wrong diet and lifestyle

Isn’t it?

A century ago all these diseases used to be very rare but our lifestyle made these diseases common Millions of people dying from such diseases and these numbers are increasing day by day!!

Even if we keep these big diseases aside then what about those repeatedly causing problems? …Pimples, digestion problems, wrinkled skin, low energy

When you affect by such problems repeatedly,

  • You lose the productivity
  • You lose your interest in office work, you find difficulties enjoying any event 
  • Your low energy not letting you SPEND quality time with your family and kids 
  • You end up wasting lots of money on unnecessary cosmetics to look younger

 And on and on….

And Due to Such issues as Marriage Problems, Divorce, Fire From Work, and Rejection Also, Become Normal

If not then at least uncomfortable in day-to-day life

Let me explain how a bad lifestyle and TOXIC elements drain your energy, wrinkle your skin, cause pimples and unbalance the digestion system.

Just imagine yourself as a chef  whose prime responsibility is to turn raw food materials into a tasty meal And suddenly you are asked to cook lots of food again and again (without rest)

Now, what would your working hours be?

Your every prepared food’s QUALITY will remain the same?


Does it TASTE the same?

…Well, NO

Will people enjoy it as same as before?

…Definitely NO

Then how likely you’ll be AGREE that if you’ve asked to cook only specific food by giving proper rest then you’ve cooked delicious food like before? And all people enjoyed it happily?

Do you?

….YES. without doubt

Now just assume your digestion system is a chef  and delicious food as nutrients

Can you find some similarities?

Should be…

When You EAT Food That is Processed, Nutrient-Deficient, and Contaminated your Digestion System Digest as Always

But your body does NOT receive the required nutrition, and vitamins, In fact, your body will be, hit by lots of bad calories, fats, and TOXINS

As a result, you suffer from a lack of energy, a dull face, and several other problems

As consumption of TOXIC levels increases, disease levels also getting an increase

And your body slowly turns into a factory of diseases

 But there is some GOOD NEWS for you If you’re reading this page

I know you’re dealing with at least one above-mentioned problems every single day and YOU are looking for a solution!!

You want to make your life better, healthier, and “Diseases free”

And there is only one EASIEST way exists that can help YOU to get rid of all these problems

That is following the right diet and lifestyle

…YES, you heard that RIGHT

You can make your life much better just by eating good food and changing your habits of eating


No GYM, No Expensive NATURAL CAMP, and Not any Western DIET

You don’t need any of above mentioned fancy stunts for a healthy and disease-free body

…Yes, you heard that right. Not even GYM

You can start your journey without getting any monthly membership

Because at the end of the day you “only” need healthy food for nutrients

And, once you START to consume highly nutritious food in the right portion

Magic will start to happen in your BODY

  • Your body will receive all required nutrients and minerals in a right quantity
  • Your organs perform in the right manner
  • Your digestive system digests the food EASILY

And, as a RESULT

  • Your body produces the right amount of energy and You’ll feel the energetic whole day
  • Your body will receive omega-3 fatty acids, and fruit and vegetable nutrients that will work protective against the development of acne and keep your face acne free
  • Your body will receive omega-3 fatty acids, and fruit and vegetable nutrients that will work protective against the development of acne and keep your face acne free
  • And, when your body receives the right amount of calories, the chances of getting bad fat decrease, and your weight remains balanced.

Not only these but your blood pressure will remain in control, you’ll be free from diabetic problems, and overall you’ll remain healthy more than you’re TODAY

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

Just Imagine Your Beautiful and Peaceful Life

You woke up early in the morning, went in front of a mirror, and saw your beautiful glowing face in a mirror

You’re feeling like this is another best days to live, and you’re more energetic than before

You got your “healthiest” breakfast and left for the office with a big smile on your face

You got your “healthiest” breakfast and left for the office with a big smile on your face


You left office and you’re still energetic, spending QUALITY time with your family and friends

Can you imagine yourself?

This could be your life and this is the day-to-day life of our community people

Yes, you heard that right

But The Biggest Question Is, How to Kick Start Your Health Journey?

In India getting the right health knowledge is not an easy job

YouTube is full of attention-grabbing content and nothing else

“You can’t lose 6kg in 6 hours, it’s against nature”

Finding the right personal dietician is one of the biggest headaches

If you found then also affording their cost was another challenge

In such a situation how you can start your health journey?

Do we have anything that can help YOU get a healthy and disease free body at an affordable price?

Yes, we have

And, in a minute you’re going to discover

Before That, If You Don’t Know What DETOX Means

Then let me quickly explain what it is

DETOX is the process of removing TOXIC elements from the organ/body by intaking the right food in the right amount.

And OUR 5 Days DETOX workshop is a unique program that has been designed especially for “Indian working women” like you who want to improve their health but due to workload and family caring not to get enough time

In this workshop, we’ll help you learn more about your body and love your body


We’ll provide you EXACT 5 days meal plan to DETOX your body without feeling hungry for a minute

And when you successfully complete even a first-day task,

The NEXT day going to be the best day of your life

You’ll feel relaxed, more energetic, and much more satisfied with life than what you’re feeling now

And as a result of these 5 amazing days, you feel much YOUNGER and more PRODUCTIVE than you’re now


I Know It’s Hard to Believe Right Now but Don’t Worry at All. We Have Tons of Success Stories

Now, can you see what this “5 Days DETOX workshop” can do for you?

YES, It can make your life at least better than what you’re today

A remaining energetic whole day is a blessing in this modern chemical world

Now you may wonder how DETOX can keep you the energetic whole time Let me explain this in very simple language

Now Assume Yourself as a Mobile

A mobile full of unwanted apps and files

In this situation how you will work?

I mean how will your mobile work?

Will it RUN smoothly?

Never. Right?

How a mobile gets slows down when there are too many applications on it. Our body also works in the same way

We go through lots of pressure, tension, thoughts, and TOXINS every single day

And all these pieces of stuff drain your all energy and make you lazy and the unproductive whole time

How deleting the unrequired apps and files makes mobile fast, the same way we also remain “energetic and get a disease-free body” just by removing TOXIC elements from OUR body.

And this is what “5 days DETOX workshop” is going to help you

Before talking about how exactly the “5 days DETOX workshop” will work and what kind of value you’re going to get

Let Me Quickly Introduce Myself and Why You Need to Listen to Me

Hi, I’m Shivangi Desai, a certified health & nutrition coach and also a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist

I’m into the “fitness and coaching industry” for the last 14 years and helped thousands of people from very different backgrounds overcome their health challenges and achieve their desired goals.

Recently I received an award from  Economics Times for “Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist” and was featured in News channels like India Today and many more…

But my childhood and my teen were completely different from what I was today

I was never been a healthy person at all. I faced lots of health challenges till I was 25 years of age. issues, acne, digestion problem, weakness. These are some problems that I was going through but more than this

I was a patient of Thalassemia minor

This was an incurable disease at that time according to doctors

I was suffering from vitamin deficiency (had a vitamin d level of 3) and low Hemoglobin which used to be at 7 or 8.

I was going through all these problems every single day and had only two options in front of me.

Either learn to live with this and surrender yourself or challenge yourself to come out of this and get a better life

And I decided to fight…

As always getting the right health knowledge in India is not an easy job

That’s why I decide to study health and nutrition from scratch

I started to eat healthy food and exercise every single day

As I continued with all these healthy habits, my body slowly starts to recover from all the diseases that I had

My blood report got absolutely normal, my skin begins to glow, I slowly start to feel more energetic, and about the ageing factor?

It took the Reverse path

After 12 months my Hemoglobin level went from 8 to 12.1

My current Hemoglobin level is 14.2 and that is one of the highest levels of Hemoglobin that you find in any Indian woman.

Now I can do every physical activity which used to look impossible for me 10 years back

In fact, I am a regular trekker, and a B-licensed skydiver, and I have done over 65+ solo skydiving jumps from 15,000+ ft height.

Which were the biggest level of achievement for me and very few or no Indian woman-owned such a level of record

The only reason for explaining my all achievements and struggle is,

If I can achieve an impossible DREAM then YOU also can achieve all the DREAM that looks impossible for now!!

And, to make all impossible near possible, this “5 days DETOX workshop” is a perfect foundation for you

So, what are you waiting for?

Register now and also get the pre-detox course into your mailbox in a minute

Remember, pre-detox will not be available tomorrow, it is limited time SPECIAL offer

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

What EXACT You'll Get In These 5 Days

Kickstart Session!!

When you register for the “5 Days DETOX workshop” your day will start with knowledge sharing video

You’ll know what EXACT task for that day and why you’re doing that.

You’ll get to know lots of facts and interesting stories about your body in very simple language that probably you’ve never heard before

And this way, you’ll kickstart your all 5 beautiful days and keep positive energy and a fresh mind


Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and it also works as good preparation for a productive day.

And in our “5 Days DETOX workshop” you will kick-start your day by getting a healthy breakfast that will help you feel full for the whole session

This breakfast meal has been designed in such a way that it keeps you the energetic whole day and makes your day productive much more than what it is today

Our DETOX breakfast is mostly smoothies that have been made of vegetables and fruits.

After breakfast second most important meal of the day is lunch and it is as important as breakfast to make a day better.

And here we’re going to have some amazing and tasty food that will help you get a fit and healthy body

In DETOX lunch mostly we’re going to eat healthy but tasty salad like how fittest Bollywood celebrities used to have.

Evening Snacks

If you’re misunderstanding FASTING with DETOX then you’re probably wrong.

In our “5 Days DETOX workshop” we’ll eat good and healthy food that promotes your health and kick out TOXIC elements from your body.

For good health we need energy and for that consuming the right amount of food at the right interval is also important.

In evening snacks we’re going to have some tasty and healthy juice that will make your mood fresh and help you make your evening happy


And then comes our most important and last meal of the day and that is dinner

Our “5 Days DETOX workshop” dinner has been designed in such a way that you won’t feel bored eating healthy food again by skipping your regular meal

Dinner will be having some healthy and tasty SOUPS that keep you full for the night

This way, you’ll get a complete 5 days meal plan that will contain breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner And YOU don’t need to eat some food for the next 5 days.

…Yes, we’re going to TRY new-new food every single day

And once you start to have this healthy food your lifestyle will become completely different from what it is today Now you might have questions like

How “5 Days DETOX Workshop" Can Help You

  • It can help you flush toxins through sweat.
  • Improves cardiovascular system/ blood circulation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Balances hormones
  • Helps with water retention
  • Cleanse respiratory system
  • Soothes sinus and chest congestion Calm mind
  • Promote HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
  • Reduce emotional stress 
  • Reliefs stiff joints 
  • Relax sore muscles Tones muscles
  •  Hydrates, deep cleanse, anti-age & tighten skin
  •  Burn fat under the skin 
  • Prevent acne
  •  Help in weight loss Boost sleep

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

What If I Didn't Like The Food You Recommended?

No worries at all.

We get such questions all the time and I understand that all we have different kinds of likes and dislikes. And we respect that.

In our “5 Days DETOX workshop” I also talked about what could be the alternative fruit or vegetable for every respective meal with the same effectiveness.

In case you didn’t like those fruits or veggies then you can choose an alternative easily.

And the best part of our “5 Days DETOX workshop” is, To prepare these healthy meals

You don’t need to spend a whole day or need any cooking experience

…Yes, you heard that right

You can make these meals within 5 minutes

This program has been designed especially for working women and we understand that it’s not easy for you to spend hours in the kitchen by putting all work aside.

In fact, all meals that I’ve recommended will prepare in front of you and you can copy me without any effort.

And once you finish the “5 Days DETOX workshop” you not only ENJOY but also get a habit of cooking healthy and delicious food in minimum time that promotes health, not FAT

Let me quickly show you a few meals that were prepared by our enrolled member

Celebrities who Follow Detox Diet to Stay Health and In Shape for Successful Career

Malaika Arora

 (Indian actress, dancer, model and film producer)

Malaika Arora is one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood and never fails to share her beauty secrets on her Instagram.

once she shared how she swears by her magic seed detox drink. This detox drink as Malaika says helps flush out toxins and better your gut health. Source

Neetu Kapoor

 (Bollywood actress)

Being active after a certain age is not easy but Neetu Kapoor makes us believe in the term that age is just a number.

Her secret? A detox drink that helps you with digestion and boosts your metabolism.

The drink not only boosts your metabolism but also relieves anxiety keeping you active. Source

Gwyneth Kate Paltrow 

(American actress and businesswoman)

Actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow, through her wellness company Goop, promotes detox diets that prohibit alcohol, caffeine, added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and nightshade plants, including potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant.source

Kareena Kapoor Khan

 (Bollywood  actress)

Even after coming from a foodie family, she never compromises on her fitness. She once shared her secret detox drink which she swears by. Source

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

 (American Singer, songwriter, and dancer)

Beyonce made the Master Cleanse diet a household name.

 After using the Master Cleanse to lose 20 pounds for her Dreamgirls role. source

Oprah Winfrey

 (American actress and businesswoman)

A 21-day cleanse Detox Diet helped Oprah Winfrey to lose 42-pound weight Source

And, If You Join Before The End Of This Day, You Can All These BONUSES Which Are Worth INR 4,999/-

(It’s like the cherry on top of the cake)

Bonus 1

9+ “exclusive” salad and juice recipes(worth INR 4,000)

After finishing the “5 Days DETOX workshop” you don’t need to worry about what to eat or either you need to watch some random unuseful YouTube videos.

You’ll get 9+ salad and juice recipes that are equally good and nutrient content as what you’re getting in the “5 Days DETOX workshop”


I’ll make these salads and juices in front of you in a very minimum time Some of the names of the recipes are Beauty booster smoothie and red velvet smoothie

Bonus 2

5 Days Detox Workshops 

Audiobook (worth INR 999)

If you’re podcast loving person and don’t like to watch videos much then here is the perfect bonus that can help you enjoy the “5 Days DETOX workshop” in your own way…

You can listen to the whole workshop like how you listen to radio or podcasts and prepare your healthy and delicious meal in just a few minutes.

If you enrol “5 Days DETOX workshop” now then you can have it for absolutely free

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

If This Program Is Worthy of So Many Health Benefits Then Why Is The INVESTMENT So Low?

I agree with your question

In India, if you want to hire a certified fitness coach to get a specialized diet plan then you’ve spent at least 10-20k per month.

Even some experts charge near lack.

…Even if you want to have 1-1 interaction with me then also you’ve to pay INR 5,000/hour and INR 15k for a personalized diet plan.

But, not everyone can afford such a high price tag

And also we have seen in India that, we’re lacking from right fitness knowledge which is one of the biggest problems.

Due to such problems, we becoming slaves to diseases day after day.

As a certified health & nutrition coach, I always wanted to encourage OUR people to live a healthy and disease-free life

And to pass on the right knowledge and make India healthy we started a mission named “Fit Bharat Mission”

Under this mission, we started a “5 Days DETOX workshop” that will help working women become healthy and get rid of all the common and small-small problem that makes the day worse.

And now I can say that this is the only best and most affordable program in India that can help you stay the energetic whole day, get rid of pimples & wrinkles, kill bad fat and improve digestion by removing the TOXIC elements from the body.

And, I’m so confident that this program can change your life

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

You'll Get 100% Refund

We have 30 DAYS money back policy

I was very confident with my fitness knowledge and I’m sure you’ll start to get some amazing results during the “5 Days DETOX workshop”.

And you also enjoy these 5 days.

In case you find our “5 Days DETOX workshop” won’t help you from any angle even after implementation then please let us know.

We’ll refund your 100% money.


will give access to all the diets and bonuses worth INR 4,999 for a lifetime.

As I said our aim is to help India to become fit and you’ll see that inside our workshop.

So, what you’re waiting for? Click and join now…

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

What Our Past Detox Participants Have To Say...

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q. Who can attend this workshop?

A. We designed this workshop, especially for working women who finding difficulty in managing working hours and family time, and health. But if you’re a 12+ aged person then you can join it and take benefit out of it.

Q. Why do I need to do DETOX?

A. No matter how much we maintain hygiene from the outside, we need to clean our bodies from the inside too. These 5 days, you will give your body rest & time to heal itself. This workshop is unique as you won’t be hungry all the time, so you can enjoy the food and detoxification at the same time

Q. I am on medication. I have diabetes/hypertension / other lifestyle disorders. Can I attend this?

A. Yes, definitely. However, it is better to consult your doctor in case of severe issues.

Q. Can I join alone or with family?

A. We highly recommend you attend with the whole family and take the maximum benefit. You won’t feel alone in the journey and get to enjoy the benefits together

Q. What are the common benefits of this workshop?

A. Lose unwanted fat, gain incredible energy, get glowing skin, get rid of constipation, gas, bloating, or other digestive issues, give time to heal your body, improve lifestyle disorder conditions, fall in love with salads, fruits, and healthy eating, fall in love with your body.

Q. Is there any money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, we have a 100% money-back guarantee. After starting with the workshop if you ever found you’re not getting value from us then you simply can write an email and you’ll get a refund in your bank account within 24 working hours. For us, your satisfaction is more important than money.

Q. Do I need to eat somedays food for 5 continuous days?

A. Not at all, you’ll try new meals every single day that will take only a few minutes to prepare within budget. Throughout the 5 Days workshop, you’ll eat 5 different kinds of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. And if you take action quickly then you can have our bonus salad and juice recipes also that you can try whenever you want

Q. How I can join this “EXCLUSIVE” workshop?

A. I know you respect your health and wanted to be more healthy. For that just click any button that you’re seeing on this page, complete the transaction part, and be done. You’re good to start

How To Register

Step 1

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And click on Next Button.

Step 3

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Step 4

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Step 9

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Step 10

You can see your courses in My Library, Active Courses or My Courses

“ Take Care of your Body.
It’s the only Place you Have to Live.”


100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

Still, Have Any Questions? Feel Free to Contact Us

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