Shivangi Desai

Improve Your Sleep Quality And Get Deep Sleep Every Night GUARANTEED

10 Scientific Proven Sleep Formulas to Fix Sleep Issues and Improve Dull Skin.

Enough with those Sleepless nights where it is hard to fall asleep, Which made you frustrated and tired of rolling on your bed here and there yelling at your mind why it just does not shut up and let you sleep peacefully.

Not getting enough sleep is one of the worst experiences most adults face in their daily life. Especially when you have a very important thing the next morning like a must-attend meeting, exams, date or a Trip that you have been waiting for so long.

When You Join Sleep Smarter You'll....

Improved Sleep Quality

Better Mental Health

Emotional Stability

Stress Free Life-Style

Active & More Productive

Jolly & Enthusiastic Mood

What You will learn

  • How does sleep affect your body and brain? Explained!
  • Why good quality sleep is very important? Explained!
  • Methods to improve your mental and physical health through sleep
  • The science behind good quality sleep
  • Tried and tested drills for better sleep and much more

What You'll Get

10 Days of recorded videos

10 effective Formulas that can help you to Sleep better

10 Days "Sleep Smarter" Workshop's Audiobook

14-day sleep challenge schedule

Meditation music in both languages English and Hindi